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Position Detail

Position Offer:Senior account manager
Number of Employees Required:2
Education Background:College degree

Position Description

1. Being responsible for risk management of financial projects (including financing leasing, aircraft leasing, etc.);
2. Being responsible for project investigation, writing project approval report;
3. Participating in project assessing, providing risk prevention recommendations in accordance with the specific circumstances of the project;

Job Requirement

1. Bachelor degree or above of Economics, Finance, Accounting, Law or a related field;
2. More than 3-year working experience of risk management or related business in financial industries or a related area;
3. Being familiar with financing and leasing business process, mastering enterprise development planning and operational management process, being familiar with national policies related to economics and finance;
4. Good information collection, data analysis, logical thinking and risk judging ability;
5. Good expressing skill; good communication and coordination skill; cheerful, conscientious, responsible character;
6. Good negotiation skill and writing skill.
7. Work place: Wuhan, Hubei Province.

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