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Position Detail

Position Offer:Business Deputy General Manager
Number of Employees Required:1
Education Background:College degree

Position Description

1. Assisting the general manager to develop, manage and serve customers of financing and leasing business, organize and implement projects and programs, implement decomposition of business assessment index, complete scale of charged business and related assessment index;
2. Assisting the general manager to monitor and predict cash flow, identify and monitor reasonable structure of company's liabilities and capital, be responsible for the overall management and operation of the company capital and its effective risk control;
3. Building and promoting of business team;
4. Research and development of financing and leasing products;
5. Providing advice and decision support the company's major investment, financing and other business activities; participating in the risk assessing, tracking and controlling;
6. Assisting to continuously improve the business risk management system of the company.

Job Requirement

1. Bachelor degree or above of Accounting, Finance, Finance and Economics or a related field;
2. Working experience in financing including leasing and financing, bank public credit business; more than 3-year experience in senior management;
3. Being familiar with bank financing business process; being able to complete financing plans and targets efficiently in time;
4. Capacity and channels of operating a variety of financing business independently (interviewee with personal connections and resources with banks preferred);
5. Good capability of financial analysis, practical experience of capital budgeting, monitoring, security and scheduling;
6. Good communication skill; capability of team development and management.

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