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Position Detail

Position Offer:Account Manager
Number of Employees Required:1
Education Background:College degree

Position Description

1. Assisting responsible leader to launch financing and leasing customer marketing and project designing, or work independently;
2. Implementing decomposition of business assessment index; completing scale of charged business and related assessment index;
3. Research and development of financing and leasing products;
4. Being responsible for leasing management after the leasing project.
5. Providing advice and decision support the company's major investment, financing and other business activities; participating in the risk assessing, tracking and controlling;
6. Assisting to continuously improve the business risk management system of the company.

Job Requirement

1. Bachelor degree or above of Accounting, Finance, Finance and Economics or a related field;
2. More than 3-year working experience in financing including leasing and financing, bank public credit business;
3. Being familiar with bank financing business process; being able to complete financing plans and targets efficiently in time;
4. Capacity and channels of operating a variety of financing business independently; interviewees with personal connections and resources with banks preferred;
5. Good capability of financial analysis, practical experience of capital budgeting, monitoring, security and scheduling;
6. Good communication skill and team spirit.

Work place: Wuhan, Hubei Province.

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