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Position Detail

Position Offer: Asset Manager
Number of Employees Required:1
Education Background:College degree

Position Description

1. Being responsible for leasing checking, valuation, settlement, tenancy surrendering, subleasing, disposal work in full technical support of the aviation leased property;
2. Being responsible for asset management of aviation leased property during the lease, including the establishment of technical files, monitoring solution and system of resources, operation of the leased property, technical maintenance and verification, etc.;
3. Being responsible for maintaining good relations with the aviation regulatory agencies, continuously following up and ensuring compliance with the latest aviation policies, regulations and requirements;
4. Coordination, supervision and debt collection of lessee's payment;

Job Requirement

1. Bachelor degree or above of Finance, Economics, Accounting, Law, Aircraft Engineering Maintenance or a related field;
2. More than five-year working experience in aviation, finance, aircraft engineering maintenance or a related business area;
3. Understanding the national policies and regulations related to financial leasing, commercial bank operations knowledge, banking requirements of the People's Bank of China and the supervisory authorities;
4. Being familiar with the valuation, pricing and application of various financial products;
5. Being familiar with the aviation industry characteristics and operational procedures of related business management; mastering professional developments at home and abroad;
6. Being familiar with the asset management system and process of aircraft leased property;
7. CET 6 and above or other examinations of equivalent level; good English and Chinese expressing skill and comprehensive ability;
8. Good asset valuation capability;
9. Good leased property management capability;
10. Good analytical skill and good communication skill;
11. Good awareness of risk management.

Work place: Wuhan, Hubei Province.

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