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RZ carried out the promotion activity of financial cooperation

Release Time:2015-04-17The Article Source:viewed:3381

In order to further expand the scope of leasing business market and lay a solid foundation for the company’s continuous and healthy development, recently the leaders of RZFL led the business team to had a extensive and in-depth communication with the leaders of Zhuankou branch and Guanggu branch of China Merchants Bank on the cooperation between the two sides, and we reached a couple of consensuses on expanding cooperation space, sharing customer resources, establishing long-term cooperation mechanism, etc.

At the meeting, the company's business staff introduced the Rongzhong International Financial Leasing’s basic information and business development condition to the leaders of China Merchants Bank, shared the company’s work experiences accumulated in the service of the real economy and the SMEs, focused on construction of the company's risk management system, and described how to make risk prediction, risk prevention, risk analysis, risk mitigation and other aspects of work in detail, which won the highly recognition of the leaders of China Merchants Bank.

Through the promotion activity, we fully demonstrated a good corporate image, which will be conducive to further exchange and cooperation with related financial institutions.