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Position Detail

Position Offer: Treasury Manager
Number of Employees Required:1
Education Background:College degree

Position Description

1. Assisting to maintain relationships with banks and other financing sources; participating in financing projects;
2. Following up the specific cooperation projects with external funding side; providing financing support for company's business development;
3. Collecting and analyzing information of banks and other financial and capital markets; ensuring the smooth implementation of the company's future financing plans; 
4. Establishing a good business relationship with the banks and non-bank financial institutions, securities institutions, investment funds institutions and other institutions; establishing smooth financing channels.

Job Requirement

1. Bachelor degree or above of Finance, Investment, Accounting, Business Administration or a related field;
2. Being familiar with the operating systems of banks and other financial institutions; interviewees with banking experience preferred;
3. Having personal connections and resources with banks and other financial institutions; being familiar with financing channels;
4. Being familiar with the national policies and regulations related to financing, economics, tax and structural reform of management;
5. Good developing and operational capability of financial business; quick-thinking ; being familiar with interpersonal skill; 
6. Good communication skill; being able to withstand high-intensity work under pressure.
Work place: Wuhan, Hubei Province.

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