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Position Detail

Position Offer:Legal Manager
Number of Employees Required:1
Education Background:College degree

Position Description

1. Tracking, inspecting and supervising the transformation of the company's contracts;
2. Reviewing legal documents of company, ensuring legitimacy and avoiding related legal risks;
3. Reviewing submitted project for legal risk, assisting to develop , promote, maintain and improve financing and leasing business risk management system;
4. Organizing and implementing project conditions and later stage of legality reviewing work according to the risk control condition;
5. Instantly revealing the existence of legal risk in project operations and proposing appropriate solutions;
6. Exercising legal recourse to company's overdue financing and leasing business, compensation and other issues, assisting to deal with non-performing assets, etc.
7. Collecting changes in the related laws, regulations and industry policies, providing solutions in accordance with the adjustment.

Job Requirement

1. Bachelor degree or above of Law or a related field with the qualification certificate;
2. More than 3-year working experience in the financial industry or a related area or as a full-time lawyer; being able to comprehensively use financial, legal, economic and other related knowledge; interviewees being familiar with financing and leasing business process preferred;
3. Good logical thinking ability; ability to analyze, process and solve legal problems;
4. Good communication skill; conscientious working attitude; high sense of responsibility;
5. Adapting to and being flexible for business traveling
6. Work place: Wuhan, Hubei Province.

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