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Rongzhong International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. always follows “people-oriented” talent concepts. We aim to become an internationally leading expert in financial leasing. We believe that the potential of human beings is boundless and what we need to do is to enable our employees to give full play to their potentials, present outstanding performance and grow together with the company.
To attract talents, we stick to the employment strategy of “Treatment, Emotion and Career”. We pay more attention to maintenance of a comfortable and proper environment for employees to fully unlock their potentials and maximize their personal values so that they can feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the process of working and grow together with the company.

As to talent training, the company has put in place a proven and proper training system, devoted to providing all kinds of trainings for each employee to make all-around development in terms of both professional skills and working abilities. Furthermore, the company undertakes to have relevant procedures for performance review and reward/punishment designed to provide objective and reliable criteria for employee reward, compensation and promotion.

As to recruitment mechanism, the company always insists on “Meritocracy and Capability-oriented Work Assignment”. Applicants shall compete for positions and those graded last in the performance evaluation will be laid off from his position, in this way, fair competition and survival of the fittest are achieved so that competent individuals are employed, the ordinary is replaced and incapable employees are eliminated.

As the company develops rapidly in terms of scale and business, talent introduction, reserve and training have become the focus of human resource works. To develop a highly qualified talent program has become a strategic target of Rongzhong International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

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