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Rongzhong International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. has, ever since its establishment, taken an active part in carrying out the macro-control policies of the state. It always undertakes the missions of serving for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), supporting the development of real economy and discharging social responsibilities. The company has made constant innovation of financial products and service modes while improving competence in financial risk prevention and has integrated various superior resources by using professional advantages. In this way, the company has managed to provide all-inclusive financial leasing service for a group of SMEs in such sectors as laser action, photoelectronic, automobile, steel, logistics, chemicals, and etc, which has effectively eliminated capital bottlenecks in such enterprises so that they can seize new opportunities for development.

The company has always lived up to the “people-oriented” principle. We respect and care about our employees, protect their legal interests, satisfy their expectations for professional development, and secure a pleasant environment of human resources, so as to give full play to their values, improve their capabilities and achieve concurrent growth of both the company and employees. 

Guided by the tenet of “Serve for the Society and Feed Back to the Society”, the company keeps heightening its sense of social responsibility, and proactively participates in various social charity activities, which is highly appreciated by all walks of life and displays the sense of social mission and responsibility of Rongzhong Leasing.

The company constantly upholds the business concept of “Operate with Integrity and Pay Taxes according to Law”. It is our responsibility to pay taxes in order to make contribution to the country and society. Our awareness of paying taxes under laws keeps improving, and we were awarded title of Major Payer of Taxes Amounting to over 10 Million Yuan in Jianghan District of Wuhan City in 2012.

On the way ahead for development, we will continuously enhance internal control management, actively promote business innovation and further uplift quality of service, so as to meet the demand from customers for diversified financial service. We will take efforts to make more contribution to not only the development of local economy and society, but also the development and growth of small enterprises.