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Rongzhong International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (“Rongzhong Leasing”) offers financial service and specializes in financial leasing. It is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise engaged in financial leasing and is incorporated with approval of the state Ministry of Commerce. The company was established in May 2008 and is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in Hubei Province that offers financial leasing. 

Rongzhong Leasing is devoted to delivering tailored and all-embracing financing solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with focus on financial leasing of production equipment, construction machines, transportation facilities and medical instrumentation. After six years of development, Rongzhong Leasing has maintained cooperation relationship with several banks to provide financial leasing service to over 100 SMEs nationwide, and has offered financing of more than RMB 4000 million yuan in total. It has benefited from the positive “Word of Mouth” effect in the market and created its own brand image.  

The “Three Platforms” mode established by the company for business development becomes the unique operation mode and core competitiveness of Rongzhong Leasing, which has attracted extensive attention of the industry as well as that of the banking industry.  

The company intends to increase the business scale to over RMB 5000 million yuan within three years to achieve a great leap forward. We will make further development to lead the leasing industry and get into the capital market.