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◇ Simple Procedures: The formalities of credit review are simple and the decision-making mechanism is of high efficiency and flexibility, both of which are time efficient.

◇ Flexibility in Providing Securities: Securities can be determined as appropriate based on the enterprise’s exposure to risks, which can be proper combination of different securities such as land mortgage, property mortgage, equity pledge, personal guarantee, third party guarantee etc.

◇ Longer Term: Sales-leaseback caters to the demand of enterprises for working capital, the term of which can range from one year to three years; direct leasing caters to the demand of enterprises for fixed assets, the term of which can range from three years to five years.

◇Flexibility in Rent Payment: The schedule and amount of repayment can be decided as appropriate based on the cash flow of the enterprise.

◇Distinct Advantage in Tax Saving: The enterprises can increase the VAT (Value-added Tax) deduction items and reduce tax expenses by using financial leasing.

◇Help Enterprises Liquidize Fixed Assets: Sale-leaseback is a form of financial leasing that can help enterprises liquidize existing fixed assets and get financing without prejudice to normal operation and enhance strength of enterprises in respect of working capital.

◇Promote Sales of Equipment for Manufacturers: Equipment manufacturers can distribute their products through the financial leasing platform provided by the financial leasing company, which makes for rapid sales of products produced by equipment manufacturers.