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 Extend to economic zones, national high-tech parks and similar areas with a high marketization level where excellent small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are relatively concentrated; provide customers with financial leasing solutions in respect of equipment, such as financing leasing of new equipment, sales-leaseback of existing equipment and other service and products, to meet diversified financing demand of SMEs and speed up equipment upgrading and technical reform in SMEs.   

Under this type of leasing, Rongzhong Leasing cooperates with well-known producers and manufacturers, identify the end-users of the equipment produced or otherwise distributed by them, and provide the equipment to such end-users in the way of financial leasing, such as direct financial leasing for suppliers and buy-back financial leasing for suppliers. The company takes advantage of its own network to develop distribution channels for manufacturers, identify potential business opportunities, and realize potential purchasing power in current period, so as to gain a larger share in the market. It helps to reduce the transaction period, decrease account receivable, speed up capital turnover, improve financial conditions and input new equipment for expanded reproduction.


 The company closely follows the guidance of national industrial policies, to provide financial leasing service with regard to large equipment in construction, electricity, telecommunication, medical care and other key industries. Such service involves equipment financing leasing, sales-leaseback financing and the like, which helps improve the asset liquidity and liquidize remnant assets of the enterprises, optimize their financial structures and accelerate equipment upgrading and technical reform.  

Pursuant to the guidance of the 12th Five-Year Development Planning for Transportation Industry, the company strengthens financial support for transportation industry, and offers financial leasing service for automobiles, trains, airplanes, ships and other large transportation facilities. The company will conduct R&D regarding financial leasing, operating lease, sales-leaseback, asset management and other service solutions for large transportation tools. Based on years of active cooperation with banks and rich experience in the industry, the company delivers leasing solutions that are all-embracing, professional and personalized to customers.