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We devote ourselves to deliver tailored financial solutions for small and medium enterprises at various stages of development.

Professional management team: make decisions and respond to your leasing or financing demand within due time.

Specialized business team: design product solutions specific to your lease item to the greatest extent.

Great Capital Strength: a future driver for leaping development of your enterprise.

Unique Network Advantage: your source of information at all times.




Financial Strategy:
*The demand for working capital can hardly be satisfied due to constraints of bank line of credit;
*Issues concerning personalized matching of future cash flow of enterprises;
*Issues concerning assets light or assets realization without affecting the use of assets;
*Issues related to improvement of such financial indices as asset/liability and corporate returns.

Financing and Leasing:
* When purchasing airplanes, ships, electrical devices, telecommunication facilities, medical instruments and other large equipment with high acquisition cost, enterprises are exposed to great pressure of one-off payment and it’s also difficult for them to obtain long-term loans to make procurement;
*Difficulties of financing and slow upgrading of production equipment encountered by small and medium enterprises;
*Issues concerning procurement of several key technical equipment at a time;
*Equipment financing issues.

Consultant and Advisor:
* You plan to buy new equipment but you have no knowledge of the latest equipment in the industry;
*You plan to enter a new industry but you have no knowledge of the policies, laws and regulations related to equipment investment/financing.
*How to adopt the best financing method in response to fluctuations in financial market to avoid risks.

Strategic Partners:
*How to use various business modes to promote sales through leasing;
*How to develop market for used equipment at home and abroad, so as to provide more derivative service for customers.